Safety Boards

Safety Board with postings
Safety Board by Master Safety (Notice of Project is posted by the Client)

Why Safety Boards?

First of all, it is the law to post required information. Workers must have access to important information regarding their health and safety. In case of emergencies, they must know what to do and who to call. Safety boards are convenient tool commonly used to post such important information at workplaces. Some of the mandatory postings that should be on safety boards are:

  • Prevention Poster
  • Form 82 (In case of Injury Poster),
  • Health & Safety Policy Statement,
  • Violence Statement,
  • Harassment Statement,
  • Emergency Procedures & Contact Numbers

… Just to name the few! 

You might also need emergency kits such as first aid kit and an eye wash station with your safety board. 

Let us help you by providing you with a safety board including all of the required postings and general emergency safety plans/procedures for your workplace! This service comes with a minimum monthly safety visit- which protects you, and your company by acting as a liability insurance.

Compliance does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Call 416-871-9371 or send us a message below to inquire about our safety services and to get your workplace compliant !