Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits in Ontario Workplace

Emergency kits are important safety equipment that must be available at all workplaces. See below for some of the requirements related to workplace emergencies.

First Aid Kits

All workplaces in Ontario must have an adequate first aid kit available, for workplace injuries. A person in charge of the first aid kit must also be certified in how to administer First Aid. Another requirement is that a First Aid Regulation is posted nearby.

First Aid Regulation (or Regulation 1101) will specify other requirements related to first aid:

  • Contents of first aid kit, based on number of workers
  • Posting of First Aider’s certificates¬†
  • First aid kit Inspection requirements
  • Documentation requirements

Click here to download First Aid Regulation Ontario. 

Emergency first aid kit Ontario

Eyewash Station

An eyewash station must also be present in a workplace if there is a risk of certain materials getting into employee’s eyes. Most if not all construction sites and industrial shops will have to have an eyewash station (since these industries always deal with chemicals that can be hazardous to our eyes).¬†

Eyewash Station requirement

Fire Extinguisher

When it comes to fire emergencies, the law requires employer to be ready by having adequate fire suppression devices, in adequate number and location. As per Ontario Construction Regulation the minimum rating of a fire extinguisher must be 4A40BC. A supervisor or a competent person should inspect fire extinguishers regularly, while a monthly inspection should be documented.Fire Extinguisher

The Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act (green book) must also be made available for all workers. It contains important information about worker’s rights, as well as duties and responsibilities of all parties involved. See here for e-version of the green book.

Ontario Green Book

This is just the basic, and non-exclusive list of emergency kits required for Ontario workplaces.

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