Working at Heights Training in Ontario

Working at Heights Mississauga

All workers who work at heights on construction projects in Ontario must complete approved Working at Heights training.

Call us to schedule the required Working at Heights training.

UPDATE: Refresher courses are now available! Call 416-871-9371 to inquire

Our Working At Heights Course

The program we use is not only approved by Ministry of Labour, but also one of the best in industry. Throughout the class, we show and learn how to use different anchors, how to inspect equipment for defects, how to properly put a harness, and we also do other fun exercises. For example, did you know that most SRL (Self-Retracting-Lifelines) are designed to work only if anchored at and above shoulder height? Or that Carabiners can roll out if configured so that they are resting over adjacent structure? All this, and some more, we teach you during our Working at Heights course!

We learn:

  • Physics of falling and hazard identification
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Ladder safety
  • Legislative requirements
  • Fall hazard control and control system options
  • Personal fall protection components
  • Rescue requirements and planning
  • Equipment care principles
  • Transferable credentials across Canada (additional online testing required)


  • $155 (+HST) per individual,
  • $150 (+HST) for groups of 6 or more

Length: 8 hrs (full day)

Program: My Safety First

Location: Our Training Location in Mississauga ON or at your facility if you have a group of 6 or more.

Class Schedule: Check our page here: or call us at 416-871-9371 for more information.