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Did you know that WHMIS laws have changed?

Starting December 1st 2018, all workers must be trained in new WHMIS 2015 (GHS).

You may have to handle, use, store and/or dispose of hazardous chemicals on your job. If so, you must get trained as these chemicals can be dangerous for your health and safety.

In construction, it is a standard practice that everyone is trained in WHMIS, as it is almost inevitable that workers will have to work with, or around hazardous materials.

Our program covers general topics of WHMIS 2015 information, and it will enable you to work safely with hazardous products.

During the course, we:

  • Describe WHMIS and recent changes
  • Learn why it is important
  • Explain hazard classes and categories
  • Identify and apply the information on supplier and workplace labels
  • Learn to use Safety Data Sheets (formerly MSDS)
  • Learn how to control hazards and best practices
  • Legal rights & responsibilities related to WHMIS 2015 Regulation.